“It was very interesting because we didn’t know what to expect. We’d come from the west and didn’t really know anything about the Japanese culture. We were very surprised with things like, you’d go into a room and there’d be women sitting there and they’d jump up and give us their chair. And we never saw that in the west – you know, women don’t do that. But the main thing was the show and it was a great show. It was very interesting to see the Japanese audiences, because then they were very polite. You know, Japanese society is a very polite society and we loved that. It was very interesting to see it. You know, they loved what we did but they waited. They waited until we had finished the song then they clapped very politely. It’s changed over the years, because now people are much more used to western shows and they like to rock out a bit more. But I think we enjoyed it, I think the audience enjoyed it just as much. It was very exciting. Great memories.”